Ultrax Typically Developing Children

A dataset of ultrasound and audio recordings from typically developing children


The UXTD dataset contains 58 speakers (31 female and 27 male), aged 5-12 years.

For a list and additional details, see UXTD Speakers.

Data Types

Core data types

Data type Description
wav speech waveform
ult raw ultrasound data
param ultrasound parameters
txt prompt text with date/time of utterance recording

Additional data

Data type Description
transcriptions transcription for utterances of type X and X.
slt_labels manual annotation from SLT, when available. See [2] for details
speaker_labels speaker diarization identifying therapist (SLT) and child (CHILD) speech
word_labels automatic word-level alignment
phone_labels automatic phone-level alignment
reference_labels manually-revised labels (see below for details)

Labels are available in Praat's TextGrid format and HTK's lab format.

Speaker, word, and phone labels were generated according to the methods described in [3].

File IDs

Individual recordings are indexed for each session according to their recording times. See the prompt text file for recording date/time.

Each file ID also includes a prompt type identifier. See Data for details.

Reference Labels

Reference labels are given for a few utterances of the UXTD and UXSSD datasets. These have been manually revised at the speaker (60 utterances) and word level (199 utterances). The revision was done by a single annotator.

Note that phone labels are also provided, but these are not entirely manually-revised. This set of annotation is force-aligned at the phone level, but constrained by the manually-revised word boundaries.

Labels are available in Praat's TextGrid format (TG) and HTK's lab format (lab). The structure for the directory is as follows:



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[2] Cleland, J., Scobbie, J., Naki, S., & Wrench, A. (2015). Helping children learn non-native articulations: the implications for ultrasound-based clinical intervention. Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences : ICPhS 2015. ed. / The Scottish Consortium for ICPhS 2015. 1. ed. Scotland, 2015. p. 1-5 698.

[3] Ribeiro, M. S., Eshky, A., Richmond, K., Renals, S., (2019). Ultrasound tongue imaging for diarization and alignment of child speech therapy sessions. Proceedings of INTERSPEECH. Graz, Austria.